Monday, July 28, 2014

McCall's M7000, View B, Overlay

 The overlay has been made and attached to the bodice. It attaches at the top of the bodice and wraps around the sleeve and to the zipper on both sides.

First the bodice back had to be sewn up to the large dot, or the area that would meet the bottom of the zipper. Then the opening was hemmed.
The organza is a very slippery fabric had to be weighed down for the photo
Next the sides had to be attached to the front and hemmed at the front opening.
Finally it was basted to the top of the bodice from the side front seam all the way to the zipper.

Next the Yoke, Sleeves, and Lining
Happy Sewing

Friday, July 25, 2014

McCall's M7000, View B, Bodice, Skirt, and Zipper

 I have now completed the bodice, the skirt and installed the zipper.

Here is the bodice put together.
Front and Side Front

Back and Side Back Pieces
The Entire bodice put together
I regret using the perlized sheer because it seems to fall apart very easily and doesn't want to hold together but I'm going to work with it because I've gotten this far.

The skirt put together.
The back sewn up to the large dot, and the front with reinforcement stitches.
The front and back sewn up at side seams
And then attached the bodice to the skirt.
Bodice attached to the skirt.

And finally installed the zipper.
Zipper Sewn on
Zipper zipped up
I tried to follow the instructions for the installation of the zipper but it did not really work like I hoped so I'm probably going to install the zipper for the Anna dress my way.

And here it is altogether.

Next the overlay and yoke.
Happy Sewing

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

McCall's M7000, View B, Pattern Pieces and Cutting Layout

I've preshrunk my fabric, cut out my pattern pieces, laid them out, and cut them out.
The skirt pieces cut out of the satin, the fabric was too large for my table so I had to pin and cut on the floor.

The overlay, yoke and sleeves, out of the ribbon organza, it had a cross fold and one of the pieces was cut on the bias.

The bodice pieces, I laid them over the crinkle sheer and the lining, cut through all four layers at once. The envelope did not call for a lining except for on view C, but the instructions and pattern pieces call for a lining on the bodice on both views A and B good thing I bought lining anyway.
And my scraps. There were some pretty large remnants leftover. Especially with the satin and the organza, I probably have enough to make the same dress for a doll.

All my pattern pieces are cut out and marked...
My bobbin is wound and machine threaded, time to press the gas pedal.
Happy Sewing.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

McCall's M7000, View B, Fabric and Notions

McCall's 7000, View B
My Fabric and Notions
I picked up all my fabric and notions to make the Elsa dress or view B of McCall's 7000.

For the skirt, or the main fabric for view B, I chose a light blue satin,

Casa Collection Satin Solids

Specifically I chose a Casa Collection Satin Solid in the color Clearwater.

For the bodice, or contrast one, it called for a sequin fabric but I made a different choice.
Crinkle Pearlized Shear and Posh Lining Fabric
Jo-ann's did not have a sequined or confetti dot fabric that was the right color I had to come up with a different plan to how I was going to do the bodice. I chose a blue crystal pearlized sheer and a posh lining fabric in crystal blue. I would have had to use a lining even if they had the right color sequin fabric.

For the train and sleeves, or contrast two, I chose a sheer ribbon organza.
Specifically this is SUEDEsays Shear Ribbon Organza in Clearwater.

Finally notions.
I have blue slimline clear buttons, both view A, Anna dress, and view B, Elsa dress, call for a clear button. One light blue Coat's 14" polyester all purpose zipper. The thread I chose is Gutermann 100m in Opal Blue. Lastly is the pattern going to need that to make this dress.

I believe the colors match nicely I avoided glitter to keep my little one from getting glitter everywhere. I'm going to be making the smallest size, size 3-4, though I think my little one may even be too small for that.

So excited to start,
Happy Sewing

Sunday, July 13, 2014

My Next Project

I've already got my next two projects planned. First for my daughters birthday I'm going to make her a set of Frozen dresses. The Anna and Elsa dresses from Mccall's M7000
I'm need to make the 3-4 child size, though I think it's still going to be too big. I've already written down the color and type of fabrics I need for both dresses and the cape now I'm just waiting for them to go on sale at my work.

Next I'm going to make New Look 6203.
New Look 6203
I want to make views G and C, G is the sleeveless shirt and C is the sleeveless tunic. I want to make this because it would be something really nice to wear whenever I go out with my hubby or even when I teach a class, a demonstration of what can be done.

So excited to get started.