Friday, July 31, 2015

Phases of Crafting

Whether your just a beginner or so good you can do it with you eyes closed, every crafter goes through these phases when they craft something.

Design Phase

This is where you start with any craft. It can be a simple as looking as picking out a patter, or as complex as making a detailed drawing of what you want to make, with colors and materials listed.

-For Jewelry again you can look at instruction book, or make a drawing.
-Picking out blueprints
-Grabbing as many reference pictures as you can and putting them together is always a good place to start

Planning Phase

This is how you figure out what you are going to do to actually make the design a reality. Again it can be simple or complex.

-Make a task list of things that need to get done.
-Are you going to follow the instructions or pattern exactly or are you going to deviate.
-Are you going to make a pattern from scratch or are you going to work off other patterns.
-Gather the pattern you plan to use and then list which parts you are going to use from what
-List how you are going to use the patterns
-List the materials you plan to use, satin or crepe, rondelles or bicones, acrylic or wool.
-Figure out how much of each material you are going to need
-Choose your colors, even if this means buying swatches and taking them home for a week you need to pick exact colors before it's time to make the item.

Test Phase

This is the time to test to see if your plan works.

-If you drafted your own pattern, this is a good time to make a mock up
-line up beads to see if you like the combinations
-make a quilt block to see if the plan works, or the colors work, or whatever
-if it doesn't work here go back to design of plan phase to see what needs to be changed.

Make Phase

This is easy, make your item. Sew the dress, build the table, make the necklace, knit the scarf. You know what I mean.

and finally

Show it Off

You know what I mean. Take picture, show people, wear it, be proud you made something.

Every crafter from beginner to expert goes through these phases and you will see yourself doing it. Want to start a complex project this is where you start, you have to design and plan before you make.

Happy crafting

Friday, July 24, 2015

Renaissance Festival Dress: Picking a Pattern

Since Hoshicon is over the next even on my list is the Carolina Renaissance Festival, and I want to make a dress for it. I decided that I don't want to do anything overly complicated, so instead of designing my own I'm going straight from a pattern. Let me take you on the journey while I narrow down my choices.

Honorable Mentions
At this time the fall previews (2015) for both McCall's and Simplicity are available. Since I do not own any of the patterns from the fall preview yet, I did not include them in my selections. There are two that are worth mentioning though.

Simplicity 1094
McCall's M7218

The frozen fever one (Simplicity 1094), I would consider but probably not make because of the sort sleeve issue.

The peacock dress is one I could see working if I were going for enchantress or sorceress.

Runner Ups
All patterns that came close but didn't make it.

1347(not currently available)
1487 (not currently available)
9891 (OOP)



Butterick 4827

Butterick 5371

Friday, July 17, 2015

Apple Bloom Boots

How I painted my Apple Bloom Boots.

I kind of wish I had mixed the paint with a textile medium before I started painting, or used the fabric spray paint. It might have worked better but you live and you learn. With this I am done with my Apple Bloom Cosplay.

Happy Crafting

Friday, July 10, 2015