Monday, September 8, 2014

McCall's M7000, View A, Yoke, Sleeves, and Lining

 I have finished the dress portion.
For the yoke, I did french seams for the shoulders.

Then I attatched it to the bodice.
Next I sewed the lining together.
Then attached the lining to the top of the bodice, under stitched the lining, and slip-stitched the sides and bottom of the lining.

Next I stitched the sides of the facing and turned it right side out.

Then stitched it to the collar matching raw edges and under stitching the seam. Which I do not have pictured.

Next came the sleeves. I stitched the sleeve seam with a french seam.

And hemmed the cuffs.

And attached them to the bodice and yoke with a french seam.
The french seam

The attached seam

Finally I hemmed the bottom of the skirt with a rolled hem.

I finished the dress part of the Anna dress, I'm still debateing on the appliques. I'll probably do them at a later time.
Happy Sewing

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

McCall's M7000, View A, Bodice, Skirt, and Zipper

I started  by piecing the bodice together, the front first.

 Then the back.

 Then sew the front to the back at the side seams.

Next sew the skirt back pieces together back-stitching at large dot.
Then sewing the front to the back at the side seams.
 I decided to sew a french seam in the sides of the skirt.

Next, sew the bodice to the skirt.

And, finally, add the zipper.
Closed view

Open View

Inside View

I sewed the zipper on using my method this time instead of the method in the instructions.
Next is the yoke, sleeves, and lining.
Happy Sewing