Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Sewing Machine Maintenance

Sometimes our sewing machines get dusty, sometimes they start making a strange sound or have a strange smell. These are all signs that your machine might a need a cleaning.

*Every sewing machine is different, what I do on my machine may be different than what you are supposed to do on your machine, please refer to your machines manual for the proper care instructions.

Even though we take care of your machines it is important to have it serviced by a professional regularly. If you use your machine often, for large projects, once a year is a good idea. If you just use your machine for small projects every once in a while, it can wait longer.

Some sewing machine care quick tips:

-Never pull thread backwards through your machine, this ruins the tension disks causing the thread to be too loose.
-Never turn the wheel of the sewing machine away from you, always towards you, turning it backwards will knock the timing off causing the machine to skip stitches.
-Never try to sew with the presser foot up, it should always be down when sewing. Putting the presser foot down engages the tension disks. Without the tension disks engaged the thread will be too loose and will knot and tangle in the bottom of the machine. If you need to do free motion sewing there are specialized presser feet for it.