Friday, August 1, 2014

McCall's M7000, View B, Yoke, Sleeves, and Finishing

I have made and attached the yoke, the sleeves, stitched the lining, and finished the hems.

First I sewed the pieces of the yoke together.
The organza is fairly see through you can barely see it.

Next I sewed the yoke onto the bodice matching the center and notches.
The angle of the bodice made it hard to sew on but I did it.

Next was the lining, I had to put the pieces together the same way the bodice went together.
I was easier this time, probably because I did this with the bodice but also because it was far easier to tell which was right side and which was wrong side.

next was to sew the lining to the bodice front and back, skipping armholes. Then understitching the lining as far as possible.
This was easy because the bodice and the lining lined up nicely and the understitching followed nicely.

Next was the slipstitch, I thought that was going to be the hardest part, I had never done a slipstitch before so it was something new. I slipstitched the sides and bottom of the lining.

It was tedious but not as hard as I thought it was going to be and it looks beautiful.

Next was making the sleeves. I double stitched the seams and hemmed it, I had to hand-stitch the sleeve hems because it seemed easier with the organza.

Next was adding the sleeves to the bodice and yoke, it was double stitched and trimmed.

It's beautiful.

Finally was the the hem and button.
I cheated on the button and just added an elastic loop instead of a threaded loop.
Next was hemming the skirt and overlay.

After all that we have a dress.

Draped over my machine.

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