Saturday, August 16, 2014

Brother LS-2000

Here's a little post about my sewing machine.
The machine I use, the only machine I have, and the only machine I have ever had is the Brother LS-2000.
My Personal Machine

I've had this same machine since 2009. My Mother-in-Law bought it for me for Christmas. This is what began my sewing journey.

It's a simple mechanized machine, it only has two options straight stitch and zig-zag stitch.
The Controls
I can adjust length and width of each stitch. I also have 3 choices for needle positions, left, middle, and right, and I can not forget the back stitch lever.

It has a vertical spool pin, vertical bobbin case, and a free arm.

Spool Pin

Bobbin Case
The tension control is above the needle and the thread does the down, up, down thing.
Tension disc and thread winding
It's presser foot is clip on  and it is considered a low shank machine.

It came with a zipper foot and a darning plate.

It does'nt do any fancy stitching, but it does do everything I need to do apparel sewing. Messing with the settings I can do a blind hem, a buttonhole, and attach a button.

This is a great starter machine, and cheap it can be bought for $60 at Wal-mart, which is good for a metal gear machine. I would even recommend this one for children because it's pretty easy to use and understand.

I love my machine, even though I dream of a fancy computerized machine, I don't think I would ever get rid of this one. I can't wait to pass it on to my daughters.

Happy Sewing.

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