Friday, June 12, 2015

My Second Quilt (Crafting Log 6/12/2015)

I finished the top of my second quilt ever!!

Introducing my "My Little Pony" quilt.

I'm so excited.
Okay now the diamonds
Are made from this My Little Pony fabric.
 I got mine from Jo Ann's but it doesn't show on their website. It took a yard and 2/3rds. It was fussy cut and I barely got the 15 squares I needed out of that.

Then the two center strips
It was made from this fabric.
This one only took a little more than half a yard. The strips were the whole width of the fabric but the width of fabric was not long enough so I had to add two inches to each strip.

And the background.
 The only non "My Little Pony" fabric on here, it is a pink keepsake.
As a plain fabric I thought the color worked well with the other colors and the design fit in with my theme.

I've only made the top and I have two more classes, one to place the batting and quilt it, and the other to do the binding.

My final fabric to show, even though it's not on my quilt yet, is my backing.
I bought 1 and 2/3rds yard of this fabric. It is the perfect print to finish this quilt.

I'm loving this design and these fabrics, I can't wait to try this quilt pattern with a different theme.

Happy Sewing

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