Friday, May 1, 2015

Craft Log 5/1/15 Quilting

So I've begun quilting. I love making clothes and now I'm making quilts. I took a class at the end of February on beginners quilting, and now I'm halfway through my first lap quilt. My thinking has to switch now between garment mode and quilt mode. Especially when it comes to cutting and seam allowance. I've definitely gotten better at using my rotary cutter. All of these blocks were made in classes that I took.

This is the first quilt block I made, it's called an "Ohio Star"  I made it in my Quilting 101 class. I used 3 fabric quarters. A star print, a beige solid, and a lavender floral print.

This one is called an "Amish Cross" it was the April Quilt Block of the Month at my local Jo Anns. I made it with 3 fabrics, a Star Wars print, a Star print, and a royal blue solid.

This was May's Quilt Block of the Month at my local Jo Ann's. I forget what its official title is, I think it's row of daisies. Anyway it is made with 5 fabrics: oil slick purple, oil slick blue, green tonal, blue tonal, and a purple solid.

And finally this is my first quilt top, the design is called Pennant Love it's 12 hour class. The triangles or pennants are made from a red floral print. The background is made from Michi Kanji Black by Alexander Henry. The borders and what will be my binding is made from a red scallop print. Finally not pictured but my backing will be made from  Tatsu Black and Red. I made the top and now I have to add the batting and backing, quilt it, and then add the binding.

So this has been my new adventures in quilting.
Happy Crafting

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